Manwha Recomendation

Manwha A Manwha a Korean variant on the Japanese manga. These days a lot are on line with webtoons. I Recommend One Ill recommend others as time goes on. Of course this is my opinion as an ordinary person.   The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Dalbic-Jogaksa There are 3 forms of this. Light Novel Manwha published […]

Erewhon Beach

Title Page     Erewhon is a fictional town in Japan.  Using this as I cant think of a Japanese town. Erewhon is also based on a Samuel Butler book Erewhon. There is a farming station in the south island of NZ Nowhere in Japanese どこにも     Dokoni mo

Persimmon     Its persimmon Season at the shops in NZ An orange fruit common in Korea. A pretty tree in fall. You can see the orange fruit on the tree Pronounced K aa mmm. It is eaten in many ways. Fresh dried or over ripe. Eating plates of fruit with persimmon is a common […]

Blog Post

Post May  6     2017 This is a post for my updated site. Random Place in Seoul     Gaachi Dreams Blog | comic site plus other content Seoul Random place. Narrow building in Seoul. Apartments can sure get narrow in Korea and Japan. Some Korean text. Korean  Heres는 나의 blog에 한국에 게시한다. 이것은 […]

Transfering my Blogs From There to Here

New Blog This is bigger text. Im creating a new blog. Transfering posts from other sites to here. Using url / I reset wordpress of course it changed things I didnt want changed. Websites Please forgive me as I try to get this site organised I aim for *Home *Blog *Comic *About me. […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Gaachi Dreams Blog. This is my first post. Just me farting around with the site. Hello World 7 . Hello World 6 . Hello World 5 . Hello World 4 . Hello World 3 .