Manwha Recomendation


A Manwha a Korean variant on the Japanese manga.

These days a lot are on line with webtoons.

I Recommend One Ill recommend others as time goes on.

Of course this is my opinion as an ordinary person.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


There are 3 forms of this.

  • Light Novel
  • Manwha published as a webtoon
  • 4 koma simplified version in black and white inked version.

probably done for printing on a magazine newspaper in Korea.

It is written in Korean translated to English.

Reading both will help anyone learning Korean.


The novel is written by

Nam Hi-Sung (남희성).

He has written up ch 48

There is a manwha up to ch 94

As of today

There is a wiki you can find info on characters.

Plot (spoiler alert) Original Style

Ill just tell you about the set up of the story. I wont ruin the main story.

Its about Lee Hyun the main character.

He comes from a poor family his parents are dead he was left with a huge debt.

People left  his sister and elderly grandmother

The story starts with the Korean drama cliche with K gangsters after him and family.

Hes a progamer who spent lots of time on line.

He decided to sell his character. he gets 3 million .

Which is confiscated by the gangsters.

He hears about a new VR game decides to enter.

He trains and prepares. Buying and saving for new equipment.

Later style There has been a change in artists. The style has gone from a painterly style to a flatter more graphic style. I like both.

He enters the world he chooses a different route the class of moonlight sculptor.

This has extra advantages. It involves lots of grinding making money.

You have to read the story to learn more.

This story has been done before. Its done better than SAO (sword art Online).

There are weaknesses in the story . Its repetitive. It does get bogged down in detail.

It is written for  gamers.

Despite its one of my favourite manwhas/

Can be found

If cant find here try searching on google  for

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Hope you enjoyed my review’






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